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Amour Amour Viola Chan
SWG837-Solid White-0 $2,499
Amour Amour Viola Chan
SWG837-Ivory/Dark Champagne-0 $2,499
Cara Cara Viola Chan
SWG834-SOLID WHITE-0 $2,399
Cara Cara Viola Chan
Cara Cara Viola Chan
SWG834-SOLID IVORY-0 $2,399
Amour + Amour + Viola Chan
9SWG837-Solid White-16W $2,499
Amour + Amour + Viola Chan
9SWG837-Ivory/Dark Champagne-16W $2,499
Allora Allora Viola Chan
4XLWPD26086-Ivory/ Champagne-0 $2,499
Ziggy Ziggy Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WG3985-Soft White-0 $1,299
Gigi Gigi Viola Chan
4XLWPD25819-Ivory-2 $1,499
Bonita Set Bonita Set Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WG3952-Soft White-0 $1,299
Delilah Delilah Viola Chan
MS251209-Ivory-0 $1,699
Hope Hope Viola Chan
SWG842-Ivory-0 $1,899
Frankie Frankie Viola Chan
SWG851-Ivory/Warm Beige-0 $2,499
Thaïs Thaïs Oleg Cassini
CWG853-Ivory/Champagne-0 $1,899
Frankie + Frankie + Viola Chan
9SWG851-Ivory/Warm Beige-16W $2,499
Strappy Deep V-Neck Lace Sheath Wedding Dress Jane Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WG3959-Soft White/ Nude-0 $1,499
Piper Piper Viola Chan
MS161213-Soft White-0 $999
Tiered Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Skirt Bambi Skirt Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WG3946-Ivory-0 $699
Halter Neck Chiffon Wedding Dress  Pearl Oleg By Oleg Cassini
Willow Willow Viola Chan
MS251204-Ivory/Cashmere-0 $1,999
Embroidered Floral Tulle A-Line Wedding Dress Paisley Viola Chan
MS251197-Ivory/ Cashmere-0 $1,899
Lace and Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Ribbon Mae Oleg By Oleg Cassini
NTWG3905-Ivory/ Cashmere-0 $1,499
Sheer Beaded Bodice Organza A-Line Wedding Dress Stella Viola Chan
SWG784-Ivory/ Rosewater-0 $1,999

A-Line Wedding Dresses

Oleg Cassini offers an extensive selection of stunning bridal gowns designed by the award winning Viola Chan. Wedding gowns ball gown style are designed to flatter any shape, ball gowns accentuate your curves to present a flawless fairytale bridal look. Our unbelievably affordable range of high quality ball gown wedding dresses have been designed with the purpose of making you feel beautiful inside and out. We offer easy returns and cheap shipping - what are you waiting for? Shop wedding gowns ball gown style online now and become a part of the #OCBRIDETRIBE. Follow us on instagram and facebook to learn more about what it means to be an OC bride and to read some very happy customer reviews!