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Illusion Applique and Tulle Godet Wedding Dress Fay Viola Chan
SWG827-Ivory/ Champagne-0 $1,399
V-neck long sleeved ball gown with floral appliqué detail Adelyn Oleg Cassini
WPD22336-Ivory/ Champagne-0 $1,399
Fiona Fiona Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WGIN718-Mivory-2 $1,399
Destiny Destiny Viola Chan
SWG820-Ivory/ Cashmere-0 $2,299
Darcie Darcie Oleg By Oleg Cassini
184213DB-Ivory-0 $499
Beatrice Beatrice Oleg Cassini
4XLWGMJ-MWB06080-Ivory-0 $1,899
Long Sleeve Off-the-Shoulder Trumpet Wedding Dress Kimberly Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WG3943-Ivory-0 $1,299
Long Sleeve Lace Tulle Wedding Dress  Verona Viola Chan
4XLWPD24345-Ivory-0 $1,599
Petite Off-The-Shoulder Lace A-Line Wedding Dress Paola - Oleg Cassini
7CWG765-Ivory-0P $1,499
Petite Off-The-Shoulder Lace A-Line Wedding Dress Paola - Oleg Cassini
7CWG765-White-0P $1,499
Off-The-Shoulder Lace A-Line Wedding Dress Paola Oleg Cassini
CWG765-Ivory-0 $1,899
Off-The-Shoulder Lace A-Line Wedding Dress Paola Oleg Cassini
CWG765-White-0 $1,899
Long Sleeve Wedding Dress With Low Back Long Sleeve Wedding Dress With Low Back Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WG3831-White-0 $1,299
Linear Lace Wedding Dress Patsy Viola Chan
MS251173-Ivory/ Champagne-0 $1,499
Estelle Estelle Oleg By Oleg Cassini
SDWG0772-WHITE-2 $199
Frankie Frankie Viola Chan
SWG851-Ivory/Warm Beige-0 $2,499
Frankie + Frankie + Viola Chan
9SWG851-Ivory/Warm Beige-16W $2,499
Dianthe Dianthe Oleg Cassini
CWG844-Ivory/Stone-0 $2,299
Thaïs Thaïs Oleg Cassini
CWG853-Ivory/Champagne-0 $1,899
Ella Ella Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WG3991-Soft White-0 $999
Winnie Winnie Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WG3990-Soft White-0 $1,299
Zoe Zoe Viola Chan Premium
WPD21218V3-Blush-0 $3,999
Off the Shoulder 3/4 Sleeve Wedding Dress Roxanne Oleg By Oleg Cassini
WG3734-Soft White-0 $1,499
Sage Sage Viola Chan
MS251222-Ivory-2 $1,899

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Worn by many high style icons, long sleeve wedding dresses have always been regarded as the pinnacle of elegant fashion. Timeless and fashion-forward, you can choose a long sleeve wedding gown from our Oleg Cassini Store that expresses your unique personality and tastes. We feature a vast array of traditional and hip, trendy designs, all of which share the sparkly image of a fairytale romance.

Long sleeve bridal dresses are appropriate for any season and every setting. Is it your dream to host a vintage ceremony? Choose a lovely long sleeve lace wedding dress to add a stylish touch of tradition to your big day. Do you want to look sleek and sophisticated, yet also show off your fun and playful side? A long sleeve open back wedding dress is the perfect option, and it will highlight your fabulous figure too. Embellishments include sweeping trains, dramatic tiered trains, voluminous tulle, glittering sequins, and elaborate beadwork. Step into any of our long sleeve wedding dresses, and you will instantly feel like royalty.

While long sleeve bridal gowns have always been popular amongst women who are passionate about tradition and a demure expression, they now enjoy popularity amongst a cool, chic, and contemporary crowd too. Long sleeve illusion styles are a favourite for the way in which they provide coverage – while simultaneously broadcasting a seductive, off-the-shoulder look. As you walk down the aisle, these striking long sleeve bridal dresses will attract every eye in the room to follow your path. If you lean towards a more minimalist way of life, we feature a magnificent selection of simple long sleeve wedding dresses. The beauty of a long sleeve wedding dress lies not in their decorative elements, but in their flattering, curve-skimming silhouettes. An extensive range of sizes and shapes is available to suit every bride, with flowing A-line skirts, wide-set V-neck tops, and the form-fitting lines of mermaid styles.